UM eReg Account Request

eReg is an Enterprise eRegulatory Management System for managing essential regulatory documents for clinical trials and clinical research.
Use this form if you are an employee of the University of Michigan to:
  1. Request a new eReg account
  2. Modifiy an existing eReg account
  3. Deactivate an eReg Account
Form Instructions:
  • Please complete all questions on the form so the information needed is available to review and approve your request.
  • To avoid duplicates account requests, please check eReg for existing accounts before submitting a request. To search, log in to eReg, and navigate to Menu > Admin > Contacts > Search by Username or Name. If an account already exists for this user, do not submit another request.
  • This request will be reviewed and approved by the appropriate CTSU. You will recieve confirmation of approval by email as well as instructions for completing the mandatory training requirements associated with your approved role(s).
  • Once you have completed the mandatory training requirements, including any OnCore training, your account will be provisioned for use.
  • If your request is denied, you will receive an email with further instructions.
Thank you!
eReg Support Team
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