Use this form to request a new CTSU-Role based OnCore Production account, change the attributes of an existing account, or deactivate an account.

OnCore is an Enterprise Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) for use by the Clinical Trial Support Units (CTSU)s and their affiliated study teams.

Please use this form to request a new OnCore CTMS Role-Based, End-User account or a change to or deactivation of an existing account. This request will be reviewed by the appropriate CTSU Administrator or Central-Services Director and must be approved. You will receive confirmation of approval or denial of your request via email, at the same time as instructions for completing the mandatory training requirements associated with your approved role(s). Once you have completed the mandatory training requirements for your approved role(s) in OnCore, your account will be provisioned for your use.

It is your responsibility to use this form to request changes to an existing OnCore account or to request termination of your account should your job role no longer require access to the U-M OnCore Production environment.

Important Note: You will need to submit this form more than once if you are supporting more than one CTSU in a given role(s). This note does not apply to Central Services roles.

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