Thank you for your interest in participating in this survey about your type 2 diabetes care! As part of the Michigan Collaborative for Type 2 Diabetes, your healthcare provider and others across the state are working to improve type 2 diabetes care across the state, and your responses will help us to make changes to care that help all patients with type 2 diabetes.
We are so grateful that you are taking the time to answer these questions! We are asking you to complete this initial survey right now, and then we will ask you to complete another survey about a month from now, after you have had some time to live with the changes to your type 2 diabetes care. Finally, after one year you will have another opportunity to complete a final survey.
You will receive $10 for completing this survey, $15 when you complete the survey in one month, and $20 when you complete the survey after a year.
MCT2D is required by law to protect your health information. Completing this survey is voluntary, and by clicking “Submit” at the end of the survey, you are allowing MCT2D to use your health information to improve quality of care. Patient-provided responses will be shared with MCT2D participants (without your name included) to understand and impact care delivery across the state
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